about us

The Fresh Veggies is located in Brampton. Both of our grandparents were farmers and still today they own and operates farms. While growing up we use to spend our vacations with grandparents. We were always busy in exploring and experiencing the farm, life and people that surrounds them. That interest grew over years, and became a dream of living at farm. Buying a farm was a big financial responsibility, and leasing option was available with big acreage 100 plus acres. During our exploration of what farm business education services are available, we found FarmStart. Attended number of classes, seminars and conferences to learn what it takes to have a viable small-scale farm. FarmStart provided access to land and resources at their disposal.

In 2008 we started testing quarter acre test plot at McVean Farm in Brampton. We used organic and environmentally sustainable methods to grow over 10 different crops, with 3 to 5 varieties of each. The flavour of vegetable was so great, our kid’s started eating vegetable without complains. Since we were testing the land, vegetable varieties and organic methods, we gave away our produce to family, friends and neighbours. Response for these sample giveaways was so great that we were busy well late in September.

Our main focus for the future is to concentrate on vegetables and small fruits (mostly Strawberry, some Raspberry, Blueberry). Where pick your own vegetables and Strawberry is our main event. Strawberry takes about 3 years to produce good quality fruit,