Okra with Tomatoes

Okra 1 lb
Pepper 2 (banana, hungarian or mild pepper)
Tomato 2 medium size
Onion 1 medium size
Salt to taste
Red Peppers 1 teaspoon or to taste (use Crushed Red Peppers)

Cooking Okra is simple and takes any where from 17 to 20 minutes. Wash Okra, Tomatoes and Pepper (Banana or Hungarian) in water and then dry with paper towel or regular kitchen towel. Cut heads and tails ends off of Okra, then cut them in 1 inch long pieces. Cut an Onion and cook in hot oil, when Onions are translucent add sliced Tomatos, Banana or Hungarian Pepper, Salt, red crushed Peppers, little bit of Garlic and Ginger. Cook until Tomato is soft paste, then add Okra and cook for 5 to 7 more minutes on medium heat. Okra will become slimi as sugars are cooking. Once sliminess is caramelized, you will see oils separating from mixture, it means okra is ready to eat. Serve with Naan or Pita bread.